7 Things I Would Do on My Perfect Day

My perfect day begins with a challenge. After getting a good night’s sleep, I would head to White Rock Lake—my favorite place to run in Dallas. Ideally, it’s a cool, crisp morning and I would complete a lap around the lake (a little more than nine miles) After my run, I would find a comfortable spot along the edge of the lake and take some time to reflect on the past week and the week ahead. I would take pride in the things I accomplished and think about what needs to be accomplished soon.


After my visit to the lake, I would come back home and make myself a light snack and catch up on some reading—either from my favorite magazines or any long-form articles I might have missed during the week. Then I would take a long shower and have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants with my family. After lunch, I would put on a movie I’ve seen before (preferably a comedy) and most likely end up falling asleep and taking a nap halfway through the movie.

7:05 p.m.

With my internal batteries charged from the nap, I would then drive to Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, with a friend to watch the Texas Rangers play. Before sitting down, I would grab a beer and a ballpark snack from the concessions stand. You have got to be able to reward yourself.

11 p.m.

After the game (hopefully it’s a Rangers win), I would head home and walk to my favorite neighborhood restaurant for a late-night bite with friends.

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